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MoT Testing & Servicing - Altogether Easier


Need a Service and an MOT at the same time? no problem.  With trained technicians, the latest diagnostic equipment, genuine parts, exact same service you get at a main dealer  - why pay more elsewhere?

All Dubparts MoT centres are approved by the Government appointed Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and all MoT tests are completed by MoT testers nominated by VOSA and at a local garage we know & trust.

 Now you can arrange an appointment online and have an MoT test completed up to one month before the expiry of your MoT. 







Car Service from



VW/Audi - 10,000 Mile Service* - From £75 and includes:


Engine Oil - change

Oil Filter – change

Windscreen Washer Fluid - check level

Brake System - check damage/leaks, pad thickness, fluid level

Wheels / Tyres checked

Air Bag System - check function/damage

Brake Fluid - check

General check over

Full diagnostics check

Reset service / Oil indicator

VW/Audi - Intermediate/20,000 Mile Service* - From £110 and includes:


All as 10,000 mile service plus the following -

Pollen Filter - Replace

Fuel Filter - Replace

Cooling System - Check Level

Manual Transmission - Check for leaks

Spare tyre - Check condition

Drive Shaft - Check Boots

Headlights - Check & adjust if necessary

Check system functions (Braking, Steering, AC, Heating & Ventilation, Power accessories and electrical systems)

VW/Audi - Full/every 40,000 Mile Service* - From £220 and includes:

All as above for the 10,000 & 20,000 mile services plus the following -

V-Belt - Check tension/condition

Ribbed Belt - Check condition

Spark Plugs - Replace

Ignition Leads - Replace

Air Filter - Replace

Check ball joints & tie rods etc

* items vary depending on vehicle

We also offer:

Diagnostic readings from £25 for VAG's

Local collection and drop off service. Or a nice country walk while you wait!

All MOT work, welding etc...

Modifications fitted ie suspension


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